Trans*voices, cinema and feminism

Conversation with directors and protagonists of films included in the “Origins and Echoes” program: August Joensalo, Aude Chevalier-Beaumel and Marcelo Barbosa (directors), and Indianarae Siqueira (protagonist).

Moderated by Syaivo and geo, curators of the “Origins and Echoes” program

Cinema has long been an unfavorable environment for transgender, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people. Indulging in the moral panics of the twentieth century, the films often broadcasted offensive stereotypes, dangerous for trans*gender people, while trans*gender people in the film industry were exploited and abused. The modern, of course Western-centric, film industry all too often uses representations of marginalized communities as a PR move and a way to earn social capital. Doing so, it leaves unnoticed the living experiences of the oppressed groups. During the discussion devoted to the "Origins and Echoes" film program, we want to talk with the film directors and the protagonists about the commonalities and differences in the experiences of the transgender, non-binary and gender-nonconforming people in different countries. We will also talk about the role that media and artistic representations play in the social processes, activism and the life of these communities.


Фото режисер_ки фільму "Космос — це чимало різних речей"
August Joensalo is a Helsinki based film director and writer who uses film as a medium for creating relatable utopias for queer and trans people. They aim to find ethical ways to represent queer bodies on image, with a special focus on trans narratives. Through their practice, they propose alternative ways of being and existing in this world - ways that fall outside the binary of language, bodies, and identities.
Фото режисерки фільму "Індіанара"
Aude Chevalier-Beaumel was born in France in 1982 and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Paris. Lives in Brazil for 15 years where she makes films. Her recent documentary films, "Rio, Zero Year" (Rio, Ano Zero, 2013) and “Sexo, Pregações e Política” (Sex, Sermons and Politics, 2016) circulated at international festivals. Selected filmography: Indianara (2019), Sex, Sermons and Politics (Sexo, Pregações e Política, 2016), Rio, Zero Year (Rio, Ano Zero, 2013).
Фото режисера фільму "Індіанара"
Marcelo Barbosa was born in 1970 in Guaratinguetá and studied communication at the University of Brasília. He is a photographer and director of experimental films. The film "Indianara" is his first feature film.
Фото транс*активістки Індіанари Сікейри
Indianaraе Siqueira, 50 years old, slut and vegan, is one of the main Brazilian transgender activists, coordinator of CasaNem - a shelter for LGBTI+ people in situation of social vulnerability, in Rio de Janeiro. For decades she has been promoting a grassroots work of political awareness, education and psychic assistance to the most unfortunate in Brazil.
Фото куратор_ки програми «Витоки й відлуння»
Syaivo is a researcher interested in the history of trans*activism and nonnormative art practices in Ukraine. Syaivo devotes free time to the ZBOKU initiative, making music and poetry.
Фото куратор_ки програми «Витоки й відлуння»
geo is involved in the grassroots feminist activism, and carries out research on the history of the social movements, also blogging about popular culture. In their free time, geo creates photo projects, develops ZBOKU initiatives and translates theoretical texts.